The official sponsors of the Indian national cricket team

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The official sponsors of the Indian national cricket team
The official sponsors of the Indian national cricket team

Discover the official sponsors behind the Indian National Cricket Team, driving success on and off the field. Learn about their contributions and how they elevate the cricket experience.

Cricket is more than just a sport in India; it’s a religion. The Indian national cricket team, also known as the Men in Blue, enjoys an unparalleled fan base and has consistently been a force to reckon with in international cricket. Behind their success on the field lies a web of support and sponsorship that fuels their journey to greatness. In this article, we will delve into the world of the Indian national cricket team’s official sponsors, exploring their contributions, partnerships, and the pivotal role they play in the team’s success.

Indian national cricket team official sponsors

Indian cricket has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Today, it boasts a global fan base that spans continents. Much of this growth and success can be attributed to the sponsors who have invested in the Indian national cricket team over the years. These partnerships have not only helped in creating a world-class team but have also significantly contributed to the growth of cricket in India.

Official Sponsors of the Indian National Cricket Team

SponsorPartnership DurationContribution
NikeSince 2006Official Kit Sponsor, providing high-quality apparel and footwear.
BYJU’SSince 2019Official Sponsor and Jersey Partner, promoting education through cricket.
OppoSince 2017Official Mobile Handset and Broadcast Sponsor, enhancing fan engagement.
Coca-ColaSince 1998Official Beverage Partner, keeping players refreshed and energized.
Star SportsSince 2013Official Broadcast Partner, bringing matches to the living rooms of billions.
HyundaiSince 1998Official Car Partner, ensuring safe and comfortable transportation.
PaytmSince 2015Official Umpire and Digital Partner, contributing to the digital evolution.
MRF TyresSince 2000Official Tyre Partner, supporting the team’s performance on all surfaces.
Indian national cricket team official sponsors

Nike: The Stylish Shield of the Men in Blue

Since 2006, Nike has been the official kit sponsor for the Indian national cricket team. Beyond outfitting the team in sleek and technologically advanced jerseys and footwear, Nike plays a crucial role in maintaining the players’ comfort and performance levels. Their commitment to innovation and quality has ensured that the Men in Blue step onto the field with confidence, knowing they have the best gear at their disposal.

Nike’s partnership with the Indian cricket team is not just about aesthetics; it’s about enhancing the player’s performance. The jerseys are designed with advanced sweat-wicking technology to combat the intense Indian heat. The footwear provides the necessary support and cushioning required during high-intensity matches. In short, Nike’s partnership is all about helping the Indian national cricket team look good and perform even better.

BYJU’S: Bridging Education and Cricket

Since 2019, BYJU’S, India’s leading ed-tech company, has been associated with the Indian cricket team as an official sponsor and jersey partner. This partnership is not just about branding; it’s about a shared vision of using cricket as a means to promote education.

Byju’s has played a pivotal role in ensuring that cricket doesn’t distract young talents from their studies. They have also actively promoted the importance of a balanced education and sports career, setting an example for millions of aspiring cricketers in India.

Oppo: The Mobile Connection

In 2017, Oppo, a leading global smartphone brand, became the official mobile handset and broadcast sponsor of the Indian national cricket team. This partnership has elevated the fan experience by integrating technology and cricket seamlessly.

Oppo’s smartphones have not only become a favourite among the players but also among the fans. With stunning camera capabilities, Oppo has allowed fans to capture and share their favourite cricket moments effortlessly. The company has also actively engaged with fans through various campaigns and contests, further deepening the bond between technology and cricket.

Coca-Cola: Keeping the Team Refreshed

Coca-Cola, a household name in India, has been the official beverage partner of the Indian cricket team since 1998. Their role goes beyond quenching the thirst of players and spectators during matches. Coca-Cola has been an integral part of the cricketing journey, celebrating every high and supporting the team during lows.

The partnership between Coca-Cola and the Indian cricket team is a testament to the brand’s commitment to the spirit of the sport. They have actively contributed to the development of grassroots cricket in India, ensuring that the future generation of cricketers has access to quality coaching and facilities.

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Star Sports: Bringing Cricket to Billions

Star Sports, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company India, has been the official broadcast partner of the Indian national cricket team since 2013. They have played a vital role in bringing the excitement of cricket to every corner of the country.

The partnership with Star Sports has ensured that cricket enthusiasts in India never miss a moment of the action. Through innovative broadcasts, expert analysis, and engaging shows, Star Sports has contributed significantly to the growth of cricket as a spectator sport in India.

Hyundai: Ensuring Safe Transportation

Since 1998, Hyundai has been the official car partner of the Indian national cricket team. Their role is not just about providing stylish and comfortable cars to the team; it’s about ensuring their safety and convenience during a hectic cricket calendar.

Hyundai’s association with the team mirrors their commitment to safety, reliability, and performance, qualities that resonate with the Indian cricket team’s ethos. Whether it’s transporting players to practice sessions or ensuring they reach matches on time, Hyundai plays a pivotal role behind the scenes.

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Paytm: The Digital Game Changer

In 2015, Paytm, India’s leading digital payments platform, became the official umpire and digital partner of the Indian national cricket team. This partnership has been instrumental in the digital evolution of cricket in India.

Paytm’s association with the team has not only streamlined ticket bookings and digital payments but has also brought cricket closer to fans. With exclusive content, live scores, and interactive features, Paytm has made cricket more accessible and engaging for fans across the country.

MRF Tyres: The Grip of Excellence

MRF Tyres, India’s leading tyre manufacturer, has been the official tyre partner of the Indian national cricket team since 2000. Their association goes beyond branding; it’s about providing the team with the best tyres to ensure peak performance on all surfaces.

Cricket pitches can vary greatly, from the flat tracks of the subcontinent to the bouncy tracks of Australia. MRF Tyres has consistently delivered tires that cater to the specific needs of the Indian cricket team, ensuring that the bowlers get the grip and the batsmen get the bounce they need to dominate the game.


The Indian national cricket team’s success on the field is a testament to their dedication and talent. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the role played by their official sponsors. These partnerships have not only provided financial support but have also enhanced the overall cricketing experience for players and fans alike.

As we look forward to more thrilling matches and historic victories, let us not forget the silent champions standing behind the stumps—the official sponsors who continue to invest in the dream of making India the undisputed champion of world cricket. Their unwavering support ensures that the Men in Blue continue to inspire generations and uphold the nation’s love for the game.

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