Top Prediction : Who Will Win Pro Kabaddi 2015 Trophy?

Prediction: Which Group will win the Title of Pro Kabaddi period 2? – – Specialist View Winner of Pro Kabaddi 2015: The question has remained in discussion considering that the start of the League that Who will win the Pro Kabaddi 2015 Prize? and which Captain will lead his group to success? All the concerns will certainly be responded to right here as we are with our specialists and we are going to get some expert views about the Winner of Pro Kabaddi 2015. The Qualifiers up until now have actually been announced consisting of a few of the most skilled teams like U Mumba and Telugu Titans. Probable Winner Forecast will certainly be done by our Professionals on the basis of some aspects gone over listed below.

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Top Elements that will certainly Choose the Winner of Pro Kabaddi 2015

So prior to revealing the Winner according to our experts, we would be discussing about the individual team abilities, their match winners and the capable Raiders and Defenders. These all things matter in order to win. One more thing which would be liable in choosing the Winner of Pro Kabaddi Season 2 will certainly the capability to take choice for evaluation. We have actually seen numerous matches turning their tables because of referee evaluation. There have actually been instances where U Mumba have won matches since Anup Kumar, the U Mumba captain took a proper decision of taking evaluation at the ideal time which succeeded and have led U Mumba a win. Similar with other teams like Telugu Titans and Bengaluru Bulls have actually got their evaluations successful.

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Stats of Teams that can Win Pro Kabaddi 2015?

Group U Mumba

Top Raiders: Anup Kumar, Shabeer Bapu, Rishank Devadiga, Pawan Kumar

Top Protectors: Jeeva Kumar, Sureender Nada, Jeeva Gopal, Vishal Hair

Match Winners: Anup Kumar, Jeeva Kumar

Matches Won: 12 from 13

Matches Lost: 1 out of 13

Winning Percentage: 92.3 %

Successful Raids: 415/1176

Effective Raid Percentage: 35 %

Super Tackles: 25

Successful Tackles:289/714

Effective Tackle Portion: 40 %

Chances of Winning Trophy: 82 %

Team Telugu Titans

Top Raiders:Sukesh Hegde, Prashant Rai K, Rahul Chuadhari

Leading Protectors:Rajaguru Subramanian, D. Gopu, Deepak Niwas Hudda

Match Winners:Sukesh Hegde, Rahul Chaudhari, Rajaguru Subramanian

Matches Won: 7from 13

Matches Lost:3 from 13

Winning Portion:53.8 %

Successful Raids: 483/1135

Effective Raid Percentage: 43 %

Super Tackles:16

Effective Tackles:223/755

Successful Tackle Percentage:30 %

Opportunities of Winning Prize:73 %

Team Bengaluru Bulls

Top Raiders:Manjeet Chhillar, Ajay Thakur, Rajesh Mondal, Rakesh Narwal

Leading Defenders:Manjeet Chhillar, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Gurpreet Singh, Joginder Narwal

Match Winners:Manjeet Chillar, Ajay Thakur, Dharmaraj Cheralathan

Matches Won: 8 from 13

Matches Lost:5 out of 13

Winning Portion:61.5.8 %

Successful Raids:380/1227

Successful Raid Percentage: 31 %

Super Tackles:14

Effective Tackles:280/707

Successful Tackle Percentage:40 %

Opportunities of Winning Prize:68 %

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Which Captain Will Win the trophy for their Group? – – Best Captain of Pro Kabaddi

The competitors is between the finest captains of Pro Kabaddi that consist of Anup Kumar, Manjeet Chhillar, Rajaguru Subramanian. The Best Captain is chosen over their capability of leading their team to victory. Its likewise chose over the capability to take right choices at the best time for Reviews, Alternatives, Raids and Tackles. Anup Kumar of U Mumba and Manjeet Chhillar of Bengaluru Bulls have actually been the difficult rivals for the Finest captain and considering all the abilities listed above the Best Captain that can Lead his team to Win the Pro Kabaddi Season 2 is Anup Kumar. Winning the title of Pro Kabaddi is going to be an important one for every captain.

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Who will Win the Pro Kabaddi Prize?

After the last period in which Jaipur Pink Panthers got the Trophy, this season has actually got a great deal of appreciation. The Its the U Mumba Team who have been controling and have the strong opportunity to win the Prize while Telugu Titans have actually proved themselves too. Bengaluru Bulls have some outstanding match winners who can get the trophy causing success. So who has the Biggest Possible of Winning the Pro Kabaddi 2015 Period 2 has been very clear from the Chances of Winning Percentage given above. So U Mumba Team has the best winning Portion according to their wins and the Team have the greatest possibility to win the title of Pro Kabaddi period 2.

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